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In bar production, split rolling can double the output of small-spec varieties. Therefore, in the past ten years, the development of split rolling technology in China has been rapid. The three- and four-line split rolling technology has been widely used, and the more difficult five-line split rolling technology has also been in Pingxiang and Shiheng. The mature application of Xinjiang Bayi met the requirements of high efficiency and low cost for steel rolling production. In order to further expand the technical space and reduce costs to a greater extent, Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has previously developed a six-wire split rolling technology for ะค12 mm ribbed steel bars.

Our HSS ring has good performance for the KOCKS mill, Seamless steel tube mill,and high speed wire mill, it's the good choice as the replace plan for the nodular cast iron ring and the TC rings. 

The hss ring size we supply from Dia200 to Dia650mm.

Roll heat treatment

Roll Specification