CNC roll lathe

According to our 30 years of roll production experience, we can provide you with the most suitable CNC roll lathe.

LS8660 roll lathe

XK500G CNC notch milling machine installed with Seimens808D (4 axis server motor and 1 spindle VFD), suitable for tungsten carbide roll or high speed steel roll or high-nickel-chromium composited roll, or cast iron roll. It can notch ribs mark the symbol on the roll. The roll size: Max Diameter:500mm; Max length :2500mm; Max workpiece weight:2500Kg. Bar Size:6~50mm.

CK8470*2500 CNC Heavy duty Roll Turning lathe suitable for roughing and finishing section mill rolls with profiles of the cast iron roll or high speed steel or tungsten carbide roll etc.

The CK8470*2500 CNC heavy duty roll turning lathe are suitable for workpiece up to the following data:

Max. Diameter to be machining : 700mm

Max. center distance:2500mm

Max roll weigh on center:8000Kg

CNC controller: siemens 828D

CK8460 CNC Roll Lathe, is suitable for machining ribbed bar transverse rib of high speed steel and high nickel chromium composite cast iron roll.

Requirements as below:

  1. Machining roll material, ribbed steel bar specifications and materials
  • Max surface hardness of HSS rolls HRC=60.
  • Max surface hardness of high nickel chromium composite cast iron roll     HRC=53.
  • Machining meets the requirements of drawing standards and accuracy.
  • Roll dimensions: Max/Min×Roll Length=φ600/100×2500mm
  1. Function

Turning the outer circle and pass profile of rolls on cast iron, high-speed steel rolls, alloy rolls, etc.