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In bar production, split rolling can double the output of small-spec varieties. Therefore, in the past ten years, the development of split rolling technology in China has been rapid. The three- and four-line split rolling technology has been widely used, and the more difficult five-line split rolling technology has also been in Pingxiang and Shiheng. The mature application of Xinjiang Bayi met the requirements of high efficiency and low cost for steel rolling production. In order to further expand the technical space and reduce costs to a greater extent, Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has previously developed a six-wire split rolling technology for Ф12 mm ribbed steel bars.

6split rolling mill

Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. has carried out the development of six-line split rolling technology on its 2 # bar production line (Figure 1). The mechanical equipment of this production line is made in China. According to the product division of labor, it is divided into main lines with small cross-section and multi-line cutting. The rolling line has 16 short-stress line rolling mills arranged horizontally and alternately, using 150 mm × 150 mm × 12 000 mm continuous casting The billet, of which the Ф10 ~ Ф12 mm specifications are cut by four or five wires, and the Ф14 ~ Ф16 mm specifications are cut by three wires. The maximum rolling speed is 18 m / s and the annual production capacity is more than 1 million tons.

Rolling line layout adopts 6 + 4 + 6 method, including 6 rough rolling mills, the length of the rolling mill unit is 12.5 m, the center distance of adjacent rolling mills is 2.5 m; 4 intermediate rolling mills, the length of the rolling mill unit is 12.6 m, the center distance of adjacent rolling mills It is 2.1 m, the center distance of the rolling mill with looper is 4.2 m; 6 stands of the finishing mill, the length of the rolling mill unit is 21.2 m, the center distance of the adjacent rolling mills is 4.1 ~ 4.4 m, 14 # and 16 mills have a horizontal and interchangeable structure.

The production of small-section ribbed steel bars has two ways to increase production capacity: high-speed and splitting. The high-speed bar is limited by the upper cooling bed brake, which has a greater impact on the production capacity. Generally, the annual output is about 600,000 tons, and the cost is difficult to reduce. , And the investment is large. Therefore, China has always been inclined to cut the way to increase production.After the mature application of the second-line cutting technology in the 1990s, it quickly entered the era of three-line cutting and four-line cutting.Some enterprises entered the era of five-line cutting in the late 2000s. , Since then, five-line segmentation is considered to be the ultimate level of segmentation technology. The successful development of the six-wire split rolling technology of Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. can use larger sized blanks, obtain greater capacity without increasing speed, and obtain lower costs, providing a broader space for the technical progress of split rolling . In the case of overcapacity and operating difficulties in the entire industry, the popularization and application of this technology will play a positive role in reducing the production cost and process optimization of small-size bars.

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