CK8460 CNC Roll Lathe, is suitable for machining ribbed bar transverse rib of high speed steel and high nickel chromium composite cast iron roll.

Requirements as below:

  1. Machining roll material, ribbed steel bar specifications and materials
  • Max surface hardness of HSS rolls HRC=60.
  • Max surface hardness of high nickel chromium composite cast iron roll     HRC=53.
  • Machining meets the requirements of drawing standards and accuracy.
  • Roll dimensions: Max/Min×Roll Length=φ600/100×2500mm
  1. Function

Turning the outer circle and pass profile of rolls on cast iron, high-speed steel rolls, alloy rolls, etc.


I CNC Roll Lathe Overview                                 

This series of CNC roll lathe are mainly used for pass processing of rolls, and can also turn the outer circle and roll neck of rolls, and can turn parts similar to rolls.

The CNC roll lathe is equipped with special software, and the dialog operating system can automatically program the roll outer circle and the pass profile, which reduces the tedious programming work and improves the work efficiency.

Example of automatic programming machining pass profile

For machining of hard rolls-fast cutting with small feeds. This series of CNC roll lathe use 4 + 1 guide rails, so the CNC roll lathe arranged in this way have good rigidity and can bear large cutting torque. The lathe's longitudinal and lateral guides use highly rigid cylindrical linear guides. The guide supports have good rigidity, good sensitivity, and high interpolation accuracy. Linear guides are standard parts and are maintenance-free. The headstock is driven by mechanical gears, the stepless speed regulation of the servo spindle motor, and the feed range of the spindle and tool holder are relatively wide. It is suitable for cutting various materials such as cast steel, forged steel, alloy steel, chilled cast iron, and ductile iron. The slide box can be moved quickly, and the rotation structure of the main shaft tail sleeve at the end of the lathe has strong bearing capacity and high accuracy. The tool holder adopts an integrated tool holder suitable for deep pass processing, and can also be equipped with a horizontal tool holder or a square tool holder. The CNC roll lathe has a cooling system. The lathe has cooling tank for liquid cooling. At the same time, compressed air can be used for air cooling. The cooling system protects the tools and ensures high-speed turning of high-speed steel rolls, which improves the durability of the tools. The numerical control system adopts German Siemens 828D numerical control system, driven by servo motor. A precision torque amplifying mechanism is used between the motor and the screw rod, which can provide a large torque for the machine tool, at the same time there is no forward and reverse clearance, and the transmission accuracy is high. The CNC roll lathe is equipped with professional programming software, which automatically generates processing programs based on graphics, which simplifies programming and improves efficiency.

      This series of machine tools have the inherent characteristics of high power, high speed, low noise, strong rigidity, high precision and good precision retention. They also have external features such as beautiful appearance, compact layout, and reasonable layout. Flexible, convenient, safe, reliable, and pleasant.

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