Lonsun's commitment goes far beyond the sale and we are dedicated to forging lasting partnerships with all our clients.

For bar mills, wire rolling mills and section mills.

Lonsun Rolls for the steel industry are manufactured according to the most modern metallurgical and technical machining standards under the leadership of experienced engineers.

The certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 in connection with modernly equipped laboratories guarantees the precise testing of all production steps and has contributed to the worldwide good reputation for rolls.

The continuous improvement of our product materials results in ever increasing performance enhancements of our rolls. Due to the upgrading of our centrifugal casting capacities we are able to fulfill the increasing demands of the steel industry in the future with regards to numbers and dimensions. Technical sales specialists are always at hand to develop professional solutions for the various challenges our customers come across in their rolling mills.

The main customers for long products are building, construction, as well as the railway sector etc.

To determine the suitable roll material for mills of produce long products, material properties have to be adapted to the specific rolling mill conditions.


The following essential points have to be taken into consideration:

Roll factory conditions

  • type of stand
  • product to be rolled
  • mechanical demands (rolling pressure, driving torque and stock-reduction)
  • roll calibration (initial pass and finish pass, bite angle and max. depth of pass)
  • temperature demands (rolling temperature, -speed, roll cooling)
  • Properties of the roll material


Mechanical properties (tensile- and bending strength, high thermal strength, modulus of elasticity)

  • surface hardness - radial hardness drop
  • wear resistance
  • fire-crack resistance
  • gripping capacity (friction coefficient)
  • oxidation stability