Alloy Indefinite chilled cast iron rolls are cast high Ni grain rolls with fine deposits of graphite on the surface. The hardness of these rolls can be changed by adjusting the chemical composition or by changing the casting method, making it possible to adapt the roll hardness to particular applications. Because of the presence of graphite, AIC rolls have a strong resistance to thermal shock. Alloy indefinite chilled roll produced by centrifugal casting, so AIC rolls also called ICDP(indefinite chilled double poured) rolls.

Pearlitic rolls are composed by nodular graphite and carbides arranged in a pearlitic matrix. It's properties are similar to Indefinite Chill except that the graphite structure is changed from flake to spheroidal forms.  Pearlitic rolls will have higher strength than Indefinite Chill. Pearlitic roll can be produced by static casting (Monoblock) or by using the centrifugal cast (CC) Double-pour method.

Acicular roll, alloyed with the nickel, manganese and chromium with a bainitic-acicular-martensitic matrix has a higher UTS, hardness and wear resistance is more than the SGP quality. Semi-continuous carbides maintain the wear resistance, while at the same time exhibiting high strength and resistance to fire-cracks. The extensive heat treatment procedure ensures an acicular matrix. Acicular roll can be produced by static casting (Monoblock) or by using the centrifugal cast (CC) Double-pour method.

As a professional forge produt supplier, we produce the forged steel cold roll, straightening roll, leveling roll, centrifugal cast pipe mold, mandrel bar and metallurgical spare parts. Our production included cold rolling working rolls, back up rolls, intermediate rolls,skin pass rolls, straightening rolls, withdraw strarghtening roll hot rolling working roll of forged steel, pipe mold, mandrel bar and other metallurgical spare parts. We may supply various forge rolls with material of Cr2, Cr3, Cr4, Cr5, 60CrMnMo,70Cr3Mo etc.
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CK8460 CNC Roll Lathe, is suitable for machining ribbed bar transverse rib of high speed steel and high nickel chromium composite cast iron roll.

Requirements as below:

  1. Machining roll material, ribbed steel bar specifications and materials
  • Max surface hardness of HSS rolls HRC=60.
  • Max surface hardness of high nickel chromium composite cast iron roll     HRC=53.
  • Machining meets the requirements of drawing standards and accuracy.
  • Roll dimensions: Max/Min×Roll Length=φ600/100×2500mm
  1. Function

Turning the outer circle and pass profile of rolls on cast iron, high-speed steel rolls, alloy rolls, etc.