The carbon content of alloy cast steel rolls is lower than other cast rolls, included adamite rolls, HCr steel rolls and graphite steel rolls, so it exhibit excellent toughness. The alloy cast steel rolls are made by high quality melted steel with arc furnace and refiner with advanced casting and heat treatment procedure, the rolls also have good wear resistance, and fire crack resistance.

Enhanced High Chromium Iron Roll is widely used in early finishing stands of hot strip mills, skin pass stands and in finishing stands of small section mills. The high Cr content of the shell material and the absence of free graphite characterize these grades. Different types of carbides with high hardness and a tempered martensitic microstructure guarantee an excellent wear resistance. All high chromium rolls are high temperature heat treated and tempered to obtain optimal properties, Enhanced HiCr rolls are alloyed additionally with W, V and Nb to increase the hardness of eutectic carbides, hence increasing the performance of the rolls significantly, so they will get better performance on these stands.

High chromium steel Roll is similar to high Cr cast iron roll with lower carbon content of 1.0-1.8%.The lower carbon grades are true steel with no eutectic carbides and higher carbon grades have some eutectic carbides.Hi Chromium steel rolls are used in roughing stands of HSMs, Steckle Mills and some early finishing stands of Hot Strip Mills.Enhanced High Chromium Steel Rolls are alloyed with Nb, V and W to improve the wear resistance performance.

Hi Cr roll

HSS rolls working layer is a high carbon alloy steel containing Cr,Mo,W,V,Nb.The rolls have high hardness and good wear resistance.
The composition and subsequent heat treatment ensure the hardness of the working layer will reach to 80/85 hsc with uniform hardness throughout the working layer. This type of rolls is used in finishing applications for increased campaign times and better surface finish.
We also supply the hss roll rings for the kocks mill,hss roll rings for the tube mill, and the hss roll rings for the high speed wire mill. 


Cemented carbide rolls have good heat conductivity and they are featured by small hardness decrease under high temperature condition, thermal fatigue resistance, good wear resistance and high strength etc., which are not possessed by other materials. The rolls are primarily applied in high speed wire line, Kocks three roll mill, seamless pipe stretch reducing mill, three dimensional rolls for cold-rolled ribbed steel bar, and composite roll for hot-rolled bar screw thread steel etc.

Adamite rolls and rings are performance steel rolls with an optimum combination of wear and fire-crack resistance. This quality has a short range of carbon content, plus varying quantities of Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum to achieve higher hardness levels. It can be produced either by the Static Monoblock conventional method, or by the horizontal Centrifugal Cast method.