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As a professional forge produt supplier, we produce the forged steel cold roll, straightening roll, leveling roll, centrifugal cast pipe mold, mandrel bar and metallurgical spare parts. Our production included cold rolling working rolls, back up rolls, intermediate rolls,skin pass rolls, straightening rolls, withdraw strarghtening roll hot rolling working roll of forged steel, pipe mold, mandrel bar and other metallurgical spare parts. We may supply various forge rolls with material of Cr2, Cr3, Cr4, Cr5, 60CrMnMo,70Cr3Mo etc.
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Steel-Making, Forging, Heat-Treatment Equipment included: 
40T Electrical Arc furnace, 50T ladle refining furnace, 20T electro-slag remelting furnace, 40T vacuum degassing furnace. 
1600-2500 tons hydraulic press machine, 10 tons electro-hydraulic hammer, 12meter annealing furnace.
3 sets 10m pit type quenching & tempering furnace, 1 set 20m horizontal intermediate frequency induction furnace, 2 sets vertical type CNC intermediate frequency power frequency/ double intermediate frequency quenching machine.